How do Electronic Cigarettes Provide “Throat Hit”?

The users of electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes) use the term, “throat hit,” to describe the feeling that the electronic cigarettes provide in comparison with drawing in smoke from a conventional cigarette. Since electronic cigarettes offer a vapor rather than smoke, the difference can seem disconcerting to someone who is used to regular cigarettes. “Throat hit,” refers to the sensation of the nicotine vapor as one inhales the electronic cigarette. This simulates the experience of inhaling smoke and also dispenses the same flavor that tobacco cigarettes give the smoker.

Smokers of electronic cigarettes only inhale two to three times to experience the full benefits of the tobacco with the added benefits of not having the same harsh aftertaste that conventional tobacco cigarettes have. Additionally, they contain neither odor, tar nor passive smoke.

Adapting to use e-cigarettes correctly is the first step in experiencing a satisfactory throat hit. Most people make the transition from the conventional kind very smoothly. However, the initial tendency is to take short , quick puffs and this will not deliver a satisfactory throat hit experience. The key is to take long, slow draws on the e-cigarette. This will result in a great throat hit. However, some people are confused about how long the draws should be.

Ideally, one’s inhalation should be steady and slow and last for from 4-6 second. Once the vapor has been inhaled, it is best to hold it in for around 3 seconds before exhaling. The smoker can do what is called, “taking it back,” by breathing in the vapor with a full lung inhale or by holding the nicotine vapor inside his or her mouth. This is similar to the technique cigar smokers use. Both ways of smoking the electronic cigarette will provide a good throat hit of nicotine. At most, the average smoker of electronic cigarettes should only have to inhale up to 8 times to get the full effect of a regular tobacco cigarette. Some users advise changing the catomizer for increased fulfillment. It is important not to chain smoke an e-cigarette. After 7-8 draws, it should be put away and used again later.

E-cigarettes have the advantage of providing a clean and comfortable alternative to conventional cigarettes. The throat hits delivered by the electronic cigarette is as powerful and satisfying as that of the regular tobacco cigarette. In a many ways, conventional cigarettes and electronic ones look and function the same. The tip of the e-cigarette glows when the smoker draws on it, just as a conventional cigarette does. The vapor is truly a realistic substitute for conventional tobacco smoke as well. The nicotine throat his and taste are quite similar.

The e-cigarette works via a lithium battery. The filter or cartomizer is a container of nicotine and disposable vaporizer that have been tightly sealed. When attached to the battery, it is activated and begins to vaporize the cartomizer’s contents. When the inhalation ceases, the glowing red LED tip of the electronic version returns to a standby mode and stops glowing. The electronic version contains no tar residue or carbon monoxide, as opposed to the conventional type of cigarettes.

The strength of the cartomizer effects the strength of the throat hit. If someone is accustomed to smoking a Menthol cigarette brand, the Menthol High 16 mg. e-cigarette will produce a similar throat hit to the conventional cigarette. If a person smokes fewer than 10 tobacco cigarettes each day or uses a mid-to-light brand of tobacco cigarette, the throat hit of a tobacco medium 11 mg. e-cigarette will provide an almost identical throat hit.

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