Electronic Cigarette Atomizer/Cartomizer Cleaning Methods

New Electronic Cigarette Atomizer Cleaning Methods Reviewed
Electronic cigarettes are increasing in popularity as more people become aware of the benefits of smoking this type of cigarette over traditional cigarettes. One question that continues to come up over time is if it is possible to effectively clean the disposable cartomizer. They are meant to be disposable, but some people have had success with cleaning the cartomizers and reusing them.
Some of the methods that have been tried to clean the cartomizer include the coco cola method. For this method, you just soak the atomizer in coco cola overnight. In the morning, rinse it in really hot water and then allow it to air dry. After that, it is recommended that you try to dry burn it for just a second. Some people have successfully used this method to clean their atomizer effectively without any negative complaints.

Another method that has been attempted is to soak the atomizers in a bowl of water overnight that has a denture tablet added to it. In the morning, rinse thoroughly under running water. You can try to roll up a paper towel to absorb some of the excess water. Let it dry upside down for twenty four hours. Give the unit plenty of time to dry out. When you are ready to use it again, it might take some priming at first, but after a few attempts the vapor should begin to start up again.

Some people have had negative experiences trying to clean their cartomizers. Because they are meant to be disposable, you do run the risk of destroying them in the process of trying to clean them. The product is meant to be disposable so it is sold at an affordable price so that you can toss them out when they need to be replaced.

Some individuals have had success trying to clean their cartomizers, while others said that it ruined the flavor of their ecig. It seems that if you want the best flavor possible for your ecig, it is recommended that a new cartomizer is used as needed. Cleaning and reusing the cartomizer can change the quality of your vaping experience.

It is difficult to fairly judge just how successful these cleaning methods have been because some people complain of a watered down taste after they clean the cartomizer and reuse it. Some individuals report the unit not functioning properly after trying to clean it, while others say that they have been able to clean, refill, and reuse their unit over and over again.

No matter which cleaning method you try, it is recommended that you give the cartomizer at least twenty-four hours to completely dry out. Some people mentioned placing the cartomizer next to a source of heat like the window in the back seat of a car on a sunny day to allow the piece to effectively dry out without causing damage.

You can also use a bulb syringe that is used on babies to rinse out the unit. Just cut enough of the tip off so that you can make it fit into the opening of the atomizer. Keep pushing water through the atomizer until it runs clear and there is no odor left. You can later use the bulb to blow air back into the end to help dry out the unit.

Though various methods have been used to try to clean and reuse the cartomizers, most people agreed that they are affordably priced and are meant to be disposable. If you want to maintain the best quality taste for your ecig, it is recommended that you purchase a new cartomizer as needed.

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