Are electronic cigarettes healthier than regular cigarettes?

Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes technically are not permitted to market electronic cigarettes as safer or healthier than regular cigarettes.

You have to look at the facts currently available about electronic cigarettes and regular tobacco cigarettes and form your own opinion until testing and research has been conducted to offer any proof that electronic cigarettes are healthier.

how do electronic cigarettes work?

Regular cigarettes contain as many as four thousand chemicals that are intrinsically unhealthy. This is because regular cigarettes contain tobacco and many other unhealthy compounds and chemicals such as acetone, ammonia, and DDT; also, it is because the combustion that occurs during smoking releases tars and carbon monoxide. This increases the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and other cardiovascular diseases such as emphysema.

Carbon monoxide is actually a poison and partially replaces oxygen in the blood. This can lead to a decreased sense of energy and can make the smoker more dependent on smoking again to achieve an energetic high. Also, smoking regular cigarettes increases the risk of many other cancers, such as oral cancer and nasal cancer. It is the carcinogenic aspects related to tar and the released tobacco smoke that increase these risks.

Electronic cigarettes produce a vapor that simulates inhaled smoke. No combustion occurs and neither is any tar or carbon monoxide released. This vapor is primarily nicotine and a harmless flavoring rather than the myriad of chemicals that are found in regular cigarettes.

Those who smoke electronic cigarettes claim that the negative effects associated with cigarette smoking are diminished. For instance, taste and smell are improved, there is less coughing, and it is easier on the lungs. You will no longer wake up with stiff lungs if you smoke electronic cigarettes.

Furthermore, the negative health effects associated with inhaling carbon monoxide do not occur when smoking electronic cigarettes. Also, there is much less of a chance of developing various cancers; this is because there are, according to some studies, no tar or carcinogens released when somebody smokes electronic cigarettes. However, there are some studies by the FDA that found some carcinogens were released; fortunately, these levels were barely detectable and were at levels far below the carcinogens released by regular cigarettes. This means that, even if a small amount of carcinogens are released, smoking electronic cigarettes is still vastly healthier than smoking regular cigarettes.

Also, electronic cigarettes do not have second-hand smoke. This means that there are no secondary negative health effects to smoking in public places.

However, an electronic cigarette is not an effective way to quit smoking because it continues to bring nicotine into the bloodstream of the smoker. Smokers are addicted primarily to nicotine and so electronic cigarettes are not considered smoking cessation devices by many health organizations throughout the world. In fact, smoking an electronic cigarette may act as a gateway to smoking regular cigarettes. As a result, electronic cigarettes still retain some unhealthy aspects.

For instance, the negative health effects associated with nicotine, such as increased blood pressure and a quickened heart rate, will occur with electronic cigarettes just as much as with regular cigarettes. This means that heart problems can be exacerbated from electronic cigarette use. Nicotine also is a poison and can produce overdose and even death if too much enters the bloodstream.

In conclusion, electronic cigarettes decrease the negative health effects associated with inhaling smoke, tars, carbon monoxide, and carcinogens. However, the effects of nicotine, which are addiction and cardiovascular problems, remain. The best thing for health would be to eliminate nicotine intake entirely. However, for anyone who is already smoking regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are much healthier than regular cigarettes.

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