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Wellbeing Affairs is the main diary of wellbeing approach thought and research. The companion assessed diary was established in 1981 under the aegis of Project HOPE, a philanthropic global wellbeing instruction association. Wellbeing Affairs investigates wellbeing approach issues of current worry in household and worldwide circles. Its central goal is to serve as an abnormal state, fair gathering to advance examination and discourse on enhancing wellbeing and social insurance, and to address such issues as cost, quality, and get to.

The diary contacts an expansive gathering of people that incorporates: government and wellbeing industry pioneers; human services advocates; researchers of wellbeing, social insurance and wellbeing strategy; and others worried with wellbeing and medicinal services issues in the United States and around the world.


Wellbeing Affairs distributes month to month issues in print, on the web, and on iPad. Normal Web First articles are posted online before they show up in the month to month issue.

Articles and Pages

In 2014, Health Affairs distributed 298 articles and 2,267 pages.

The most effective method to Access Our Content

All articles distributed by Health Affairs, since its commencement in 1981, are accessible and completely searchable online at www.healthaffairs.org. Supporters have unlimited access to all diary substance, and every single other peruser may get to diary articles three years of age or more established. Likewise all may get to Health Affairs Blog and Health Policy Briefs, agree to email alarms and RSS channels, and take after Health Affairs on Twitter or Facebook.

Wellbeing Affairs’ Web website is kept up in conjunction with Stanford University’s HighWire Press.


Wellbeing Affairs membership bundles are accessible to people and single-site libraries and foundations. National, worldwide, and multi-site licenses are additionally accessible to establishments, associations, and organizations. See Subscription for more data.

Establishing Editor John K. Iglehart

Editorial manager In-Chief Alan Weil

Official Editor Donald E. Metz

Official Publisher Jane Hiebert-White


Wellbeing Affairs creators incorporate top researchers, policymakers, and social insurance industry pioneers. We additionally welcome entries from graduate and doctoral understudies and other people who don’t ordinarily compose for associate looked into diaries.


Wellbeing Affairs gets more than 1,400 compositions every year.

Every paper is investigated by the editors for auspiciousness and importance to the diary’s targets. Around half of these entries are chosen for outer survey.

For papers that are not chose for outside audit, the diary informs creators inside a week of accommodation.

For papers chose for outside audit, creators may hope to be informed of the diary’s choice around two months from the date of accommodation.

For papers chose for modification, the time between update demand and distribution changes (weeks to months) contingent upon elements, for example, the degree of correction required, the requirement for extra survey and amendment, issue generation, and so on. The present normal time from accommodation to distribution is 6 months.

Our acknowledgment rate for spontaneous papers is as of now 10–15 percent. See more data on the most proficient method to present a paper.


11,000 household and universal endorsers. At membership costs and requesting system, see Subscribe.

Site Traffic

Site visits every month on the diary site normal 400,000 as of December 2014. Yearly online visits add up to 5 million. One of a kind guests every month add up to more than 100,000.

Arrangement Impact

Wellbeing Affairs articles are refered to by US organization authorities, US legislators, and service of wellbeing pioneers far and wide. US congressional declaration highlighted 91 says between 2010-2012. Individuals from Congress from both sides of the walkway reference Health Affairs in drafting enactment. US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts refered to the diary in his choice with respect to the Affordable Care Act.

Affect Factor

Wellbeing Affairs is appraised number one in cost-viability among academic periodicals in Health Policy and Services and also Health Care Sciences and Services.

Affect Factor for 2014: 4.966

Wellbeing Policy and Services: 1/71

Medicinal services Sciences and Services: 2/89

Squeeze Citations

Wellbeing Affairs is every now and again refered to by national media, including the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, organize TV and radio, and NPR.


Wellbeing Affairs perusers incorporate government wellbeing pioneers (neighborhood, national, and worldwide); decisionmakers at clinics, insurance agencies, and other human services ventures; scientists and scholastics in financial aspects, law, general wellbeing, human science, wellbeing organization, pharmaceutical, nursing, and political science; advocates; specialists; speculation examiners; journalists; and understudies.

Themes Covered

Wellbeing Affairs is a multidisciplinary diary covering an extensive variety of medical problems including: access to care, wellbeing spending, quality, Medicare, Medicaid, doctor prescribed medication scope and costs, doctor work on, nursing patterns, emotional wellness, misbehavior and wellbeing law, protection change, clinics, worldwide wellbeing, inconsistencies in social insurance, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. To see an entire rundown of themes, see Topic Collections.

Inside the Journal

Wellbeing Affairs is isolated into the accompanying real segments:

Include articles: New proposition, unique research, and examination of convenient wellbeing approach issues

Report From The Field: High-level journalistic article that investigates an auspicious wellbeing strategy subject

Passage Point: A give an account of applicable wellbeing approach enactment and policymaking action.

Investigation and Commentary: Opinions and proposition for change

Interviews: Conversations with pioneers in government and the private division

Account Matters: Personal stories about encounters with the medicinal services framework and the general population in it- – utilizing the force of artistic true to life to highlight an essential open arrangement issue (distributed with support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation)

GrantWatch: An audit of as of late granted establishment concedes and allow results, with standard papers or extraordinary reports about wellbeing charity

DataWatch: Short papers that highlight information that “represent themselves in respect to vital approach issues or points.”

Book Reviews

Letters to the Editor: Discussion of issues brought up in papers distributed in Health Affairs.

Topical Issues

Wellbeing Affairs distributes both topical and “assortment” issues each year. Topical issues are committed to top to bottom investigation of a key theme encompassing wellbeing and human services.

Web Firsts

Online papers are distributed as Web First papers at www.healthaffairs.org. Every Web First paper is distributed in the most readily accessible print issue taking after Web production. Web First papers are liable to a similar companion audit, assessment, and altering as some other paper distributed by Health Affairs. They are filed in the writing at time of posting.

Wellbeing Affairs Blog

Wellbeing Affairs Blog offers a comprehensive and intelligent measurement to the diary’s opportune critique and investigation of wellbeing arrangement discourse. Appropriate presents regularly interface on unique associate checked on diary articles. We invite applicable remarks from perusers utilizing their genuine names. Wellbeing Affairs Blog substance is copyrighted and authorized under a Creative Commons permit.


Wellbeing Affairs is filed and additionally preoccupied in PUBMED, MEDLINE, ProQuest, Lexis-Nexis; SciencesInternational Bibliography of Social Science; Index Medicus; EMBase; Scopus; EMCare; and Thomson Reuters Scientific and Social Sciences Index.

ISSN 0278-2715

Electronic ISSN 1544-5208

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Wellbeing Affairs is distributed and copyrighted by Project HOPE — The People-to-People Health Foundation, Inc.

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